[NAIA] COVID-19 Swab Test for Arriving Passengers (RT-PCR)

[NAIA] COVID-19 Swab Test for Arriving Passengers (RT-PCR)

Philippine Red Cross



Please wait for the Philippine Red Cross team at your Quarantine Hotel

Booking instructions for arriving passengers (Copy paste this link to your browser):


Please make sure to send an email to 1158-appointments@redcross.org.ph your Date of arrival, Quarantine Hotel, Room Number and Contact number.

RT-PCR Swab Test

The turnaround time for the result will be within 24 to 48 hours upon receipt of samples in the laboratory.

Please be reminded that there might be operational challenges. This applies to the molecular laboratory that will processes your specimen.

Preparation instructions

Video guide for the booking process: https://youtu.be/GvpEDrHw2yE


  • Do not eat, drink, gargle, smoke or vape for 30 minutes before the test.
  • Do not wear lipstick to the test.
  • Before submitting the sample, be sure that it is at least 1ml and has no discoloration.

    You will receive a confirmation of your appointment with the collection site. You may either print this, screenshot, or present the email you have received

    Please arrive 15 MINUTES EARLIER than your scheduled time to allow for queuing and registration


    • Wear a mask and a face shield
    • Official Receipt will be issued upon request, and will NOT include payment gateway fees in the total amount
    • Always present an ID upon testing

      List of Accepted ID
      Barangay ID
      Birth Certificate (Also Applicable for Newborns)
      Company ID (If Employed)
      Driver's License
      Legal Guardian ID
      Military ID
      OFW ID
      PhilHealth ID
      Postal ID
      PRC ID
      Proof of Filiation
      PWD ID
      Senior Citizen ID
      SSS ID
      Student ID
      TIN Card
      UMID ID
      Voters ID
      Others (ID that has your full information)



      This product is NON-REFUNDABLE except for the following reasons: confirmed double bookings, unserved airport bookings, emergency cases and humanitarian reasons.


      For refund requests, please email prcrefunds@redcross.org.ph or 1158-appointments@redcross.org.ph. Rebooking may be accommodated for valid reasons, according to the discretion and availability of the Philippine Red Cross. For any concerns, please call the 1158 hotline.